What people think is hard!

The thing people commonly think is hard when looking to start exercise is the training itself! I'm here to tell you that's not the hardest part, what is hard is staying on track with food/Nutrition!

Everyone gets confused with what they should and should not eat! You can look at all social media platforms and there will always be a new "Fad Diet" coming out, a new miracle drink or pill that will make you slim, what will make you slim is being in a calorie deficit!

This is then when it can get tricky can be know what to eat/what meals to eat, My advice to you all is get in touch with someone who can make this in to a simple process, who can be the person you lean upon, question some who will call you out when you say I've only eaten whats on my plan when really your filled up on McDonalds at lunch because you were to tired to batch cook at the weekend or just to lazy to prepare your food!

They say consistency is key, this is true but never feel bad about slipping this happens from time to time! what you have to do is get back up dust of the doughnut sugar from your lap and get straight back on track.


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